Important Notice For Buyers

All stated prices of Colorphilist products do not include postage fees.

► All Colorphilist products shown in this website are samples, ordered items will be remade.

 Every single handmade item is unique. Actual products may not be identical from the samples.

 Time required to remake a design varies over different designs. Colorphilist will propose an estimated time to customers.

 Colorphilist will only proceed to make ordered items after the payment is received and customers have agreed with the estimated completion time (at least 1 week).

 Colorphilist will consider all custom made orders, but only accept orders that Colorphilist is capable to complete.

 Colorphilist will try its best to ensure the products to be delivered to customers are in good conditions. But Colorphilist will not hold any responsibilities for any damages or losses during delivery.

 Colorphilist does not like back outs. Once order is placed, back outs are not permitted.

► Colorphilist will not refund or exchange for any sold item(s).


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