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Mini Grey Elephant_Earrings_Fearured by Colorphilist.

Here Comes The Mini Elephant!

Nothing Can Stop Me From Having A Dream!

Nothing Can Stop Me From Having A Dream!

"Do You Still Remember Hansel & Gretel?" Candy House & Cookie Rings

Do You Still Remember Hansel & Gretel?

"Can You Sew?" Hairband

Can You Sew?

022 / "I Love Sushi" Bracelet / RM48.90

I Love Sushi. わたしはすしがだいすきです。

019 / When Day Meet Night - Bracelet / RM37.90

When Day Meets Night

Measurement of Bracelet & Handphone Strap

Are You A Tetris Fans?

011 / "A Macaroon Picnic on Saturday" Earrings / RM24.90

A Macaroon Picnic On Saturday

Trick or Treat?