K-Pop Rules The World?!



( Don’t tell anybody I steal the image above from Hello K-Pop.)

How many names here are familiar to you? I only know 9- 11 names here.

I’m not a big fans of K-pop honestly, even 2Am or 2PM are confusing to me sometimes. @_@

The K-Pop Fans

The K-Pop Fans

In contrast to me, my 2 younger cousins can even named the  fan clubs’ name of these artists!

These 2 girls are interesting to me, they can dance, they can talk about K-pop for the whole night to somebody who knows nothing about it. (I am that somebody)

They said “K-Pop rules the world!”  (No more governments? :O)

K-Pop Rules The World?!

K-Pop Rules The World?!

I think they would be very happy to have a necklace with their idols name on it instead of their own name.

SHINee Necklace

046 / SHINee Necklace / RM48.90

My young cousin ordered a AQUA BLUE SHINee necklace with a not-upright-yellow star from me, very specific, haha.

SNSD Necklace

047 / SNSD Necklace / RM34.90

They are not your idol?

Nevermind, you may personalise a necklace with your idols’ name or your own name!

You may choose the colors of your necklace. =)


1 to 5 alphabets or symbols: RM34.90

More than 5 alphabets or symbols: RM6 for every additional alphabets & symbols


Size of an alphabet is approximately 2cm x 1.2 cm.


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